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Discover your niche advantage

Learn how to develop your career or business in accounting through the power of niche.


Build a Niche e-Learning Course

£799 / Now £399

Use discount code: EARLYBIRDNICHE

Expires on 15 May 2023

Meet Sofia

My name is Sofia Thomas.

Over a decade ago I dropped out of University, started a tax apprenticeship at PwC and pursued my tax qualifications. 

I built a brand, marketed my services, and transformed from a doubtful adviser to an award winning entrepreneur. 

I have used the power of niche to build two businesses, become a published author and speaker - all whilst increasing my earnings and allowing me huge amounts of time outside of work to focus on my family. 

This is the first time I will be running courses to show you behind the scenes of how I have curated my dream career. 

I know this works. I used the same blueprint from my first business (which took 3 years to get to six figures) for my new business which hit six figures in 6 months.  Let me show you how. 

I would love for you to take your next step with me. 

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Build a Niche Curriculum

Client Testimonial

“I spent a half day with Sofia and she totally transformed my mindset in what I could achieve. I had so many ideas and she gave me the tools to select by best ones and the confidence to start pursing them in a strategic and intelligent way. After implementing her advice I got 2 clients within the week!"
  • Stand out from the crowd

  • Build a brand as the go-to expert

  • Develop high value, industry-specific knowledge

  • Deeper understanding of client needs

  • Opportunities to be referred work by peers

  • More flexibility to set up your own firm in the future

Book now, save £399

Use code EARLYBIRDNICHE at the checkout to access our early-bird discount (50% off) when you sign-up before our launch. You'll be granted early access to the course and a 1:1 coaching call exclusively for early-bird attendees. Available until 15 May 2023.

Benefits of building a niche in accounting:

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